Our Chef 

Francisco Lopez, known as Chef Paco is the Chef of one of The Best Authentic Mexican Restaurants in the Chicago land area as voted by the Mexican government for two years, an honor many patrons agree with. Chef Paco studied the field of gastronomy in Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, specializing in Mexican food. Since 1991 Chef Paco has brought his wonderful recipes and his eccentric, fun, enthusiastic love for his food to his costumers.

Our Vision

Over the years, Chef Paco brought New Rebozo many awards, for its authenticity and just downright great food. Chef Paco's food is full of complexity, creativity and his three favorite flavors; sweet, spicy and sour. Chef Paco's menu items are always innovative with traditional roots, seasonal ingredients and old family recipes. The passion and love that comes through every member of the New Rebozo staff is another inspiration Chef Paco uses on his food. 

Our Specialtys

Chef Paco is known for his different Moles; 26 to be exact! Two of which are constant staples while four different Moles are featured in his most popular dish. The Fiesta Mole dish consists of six enchiladas. The enchiladas are then individually topped with six different Moles, Mole Pueblano and Mole Pipian (pumpkin) being two of them. It will have you saying "oh my god!" If Mole is not your thing, Chef Paco's specials are always innovative with traditional roots and seasonal ingredients. One special, that's highly anticipated thru the Fall and Winter is Chef Paco's Chile Nogada. The Chile Nogada is a stuffed Poblano pepper stuffed with beef, dried fruits and nuts then covered with a walnut cream sauce and topped with fresh pomegranate seeds. Pair that with a delicious Mezcal and you will be in pure bliss!



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